@ Design Hackathon
Challenge #7
Imagine a world where designers can contribute to open source projects. Join Team 56's journey to create transparency in workflow and safety control over contributions. We accept Sympli's Challenge.
Browser Based
Save space and complete all your edits on the browser. The browser-based tool was built for all individual and team designers to work collaboratively live or evolve existing tools.
Get ready and start by building your first project, creating your time or co-creating an existing project in the community. It's all up to you!
Version Control
Travel back in time with our version time machine. When customizing your project page leverage your Time Machine setting to see who, when and how.
Stop the file fights. First come first serve, when your working as a team the first member that selects a component is auto-locked creating order while working collaboratively.
Auto Lock & Unlock
Design Community
Join a community of designers to collaborate, network and get the latest update the vast and diverse world that is open-source design. Try without joining during our Daily Design Challenge.
Set up you dream project page using any one of the open-source tools. Find various design tools including customization for toolbars, panels, plug-ins, icons, fonts and more. Build your own or put your own twist to another fellow designer.‚Äč
Meet the Creative Challengers
Jessica Hoang
Yulia Lesnichaya
Nicky Arthur
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